Pixelbof is helping to support charities

Here at Pixelbof we like to lend a hand to all charities big or small, we find giving can be a lot more rewarding than recieving.

If you are a charity and your looking for top quality web development, email us and we would be more than happy to talk through what your looking for and what we could provide to you.

We can develop full websitse, CMS web applications, event pages, donation pages, pop-up microsites and much much more.

All of our charity work is done gratis... of course!

We would promote your website or web application on our Facebook, Twitter and personal website - we are and always will be proud to support and help all charities.

When contacting us regarding your charity project please supply your charity number which will be checked against the charity commision search engine, if you are not a registered charity but are supporting a charity event we would be happy to talk about how we can help.