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What have we been doing at Pixelbof?

Stowe Sub Aqua

We helped create this fantastic and simplistic CMS website for a local scuba diving company, looking to freshen up their look and feel with an up-to-date website.

They needed a website that they can update themselves at any time, making it work better for themselves and the business. They wanted to connect better with there current customers and advertise better to their future customers.

Not only did we create a CMS website but we added a blogging system and image gallery to the website making the most of our development skills, all done on a small business budget making sure they get the most out of the website and out of us.

They loved what we done for them and now we continue to service them by hosting and maintaining the website for them, leaving them free to worry about what they will add to it next.

If you're interested in a CMS website or a blogging service you can email us for more information, we have complete website solutions ready to go - all we need to do is style it up to your needs.